U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc.
We Harvest The Crops That Feed The World

Why Become a Member?

USCHI has two types of members, Regular/Custom Harvester and Associate/Business members.  Membership numbers may vary of course, but we have approximately 420 Regular members and 180 Associate members.

Why become a member as a custom harvester?
When a farmer is in need of a harvester, many call our office.  We then email out that farmer's information so that our members may contact that farmer and bid for the job.  Your contact information can also be published on our website so that those in need of a harvester can easily find you!  USCHI also retains lawyers to lobby for our industry in Washington D.C. and fights for fair regulations for our members.  But probably the most important part of being a member is the networking.  Attending our annual convention is a great way to foster relationships with other harvesters and help each other throughout the year.

Why become a member as a business that supports custom harvesters?
We can work together to put your product front and center of this specific market.  Our members purchase large quantities of custom harvesting equipment and related supplies, so they want to hear from you!  As with being a regular members, relationships formed at our annual convention are invaluable.  As an Associate member, you are not only able to have an exhibit at our convention's trade show, but you may purchase advertising space in our magazine as well.  The Harvest News magazine is published monthly and is usually read cover to cover by our members.