U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc.
We Harvest The Crops That Feed The World

Who We Are

U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. is an association of professional custom harvesters serving the needs of the American farmer. The organization was established and chartered in 1983 in the State of Texas and serves as a link between the harvesters and the many groups of people they work with, such as farmers, businesses, State and Federal Government. Our current office is now in the State of Kansas.

This organization also works to educate its membership concerning safety, quality of workmanship, and information on equipment updates.

The input from our membership is channeled through designated committees that report to our elected board. We meet as a group annually at the end of January. The camaraderie that has resulted from the annual gathering of the membership has benefited every member in such areas as exchanging of ideas, helping one another in the placement of work, and establishing a scholarship fund that helps educate our future leaders. Much of this same information is updated in our monthly magazine "Harvest News".

The strength of this organization is in its membership. The membership consists of not only custom harvesters, but related businesses such as implement dealers, insurance companies and farmers. It is our goal to continue to enhance and promote custom harvesting so that it is a viable industry available to future generations of producers. We will continue to support and be a vital part of American agriculture, which is the strongest and most cost effective producer of foodstuffs in the world.