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Since Inception, USCHI has worked to serve as a link between harvesters and many other groups of people. Employment is a top priority of all harvesters, be it grains, forage, hay, produce or textiles. Please VIEW OUR CLASSIFIED ADS to see available employment opportunties.

"Harvest Brigade" in 1944 was the inception of custom harvesting. This was to more fully utilize machinery and manpower during World War II"

The Harvesting of all grains, forage, hay, produce and textiles is taking place somewhere throughout the world on any given day of the year.

Forage Cutters are beginning their season in late March or early April in the southern states and continue northward through December.

Wheat Harvest spans the United States from May through September. East - West - North and South. Many of our USCHI members harvest wheat starting in Texas and move north through the central states such as Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and up into the Dakota's, Minnesota and Montana by August and September.

Hay Harvest (both irrigated and dryland) continues through the summer and fall in the U.S.
Fall harvest Sept through December (with some areas ending earlier) is spread throughout the United States with soybeans, corn, milo, sunflowers, millet, cotton and other various crops.

Custom Harvesters with their equipment, crew, and skills are able to help farmers benefit from a timely and safely completed harvest. This includes hauling the products to storage or dumping facilities as well as the transportation of all necessary harvest equipment throughout the United States to "Harvest the Grain that Feeds the World."

The accommodations of Harvesters, their families, and crews includes trailer houses, and hotels. Harvesters support the communities where they are working by utilizing facilities to park, eat, and repair or operate equipment.

Depending on the type of crew and individual operators, meals can be delivered to the field, eaten at the campsite or at a local establishment. The timeliness of the harvest is always utmost in the minds of the Harvester.


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